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Mint Grit Hand Cleaner

Biodegradable and non-toxic to remove tough grease, oils, tars and soils in the workplace. Mint scented, it rejuvenates your skin, leaving soft natural hands after a hard day’s work.

500ml - Code - 130114

1lt - Code - 130116

2.5lt - Code - 130118

5lt - Code - 130120

20lt - Code - 130124 


Fully biodegradable, water miscible, quality guaranteed degreaser, which is free from petroleum solvents. Rapidly breaks down grease deposits and oily films in the presence of heavy grime loads.

1lt - Code - 130106

2.5lt - Code - 130108

5lt - Code - 130110

20lt - Code - 130112

Truck Wash

Heavy-duty cleaning for all heavy machinery. Mist on, rinse off. Inhibits rust, neutralises corrosion and provides residual protection. Penetrates and lifts heavy grime, dries streak-free. Contains no harsh alkali’s. Mild and safe for the environment and end-user. Breakdown 1:50.

1lt - Code - 130100

5lt - Code - 130102

20lt - Code - 130104